Are there any application costs?

All loans have monthly fees and charges, these may vary from Financier to Financier and State to State. CorpLease will outline all fees and monthly charges payable on your loan.These fees will be clearly stated and discussed with you prior to the loan commencing. If you are unsure of the fees payable, raise the question with you CorpLease representative.

When do I make my first payment? Can I make extra payments

The first repayment will be due 14 days (if fortnightly) or one month (if monthly) after settlement of a personal loan. Business finance applicants have the first monthly repayment due on the day of settlement. Remaining payments are deducted from your nominated bank account. Extra payments of any amount can be made at any time by cheque, cash, direct deposit and BPAY where applicable (some fees may apply).

Do I need to provide anything with my application?

In most cases, No! If you wish to discuss your application please call and speak to one of our professional consultants on (02) 8355 3910, or simply apply online.
After a completed application is approved, we may ask for 100 point ID such as Driver’s Licence, Medicare Card etc.

Can I buy a vehicle privately? Can I buy a vehicle through a dealer?

Dealer, auction, private sale and re-finance are welcome. Some used vehicles may require a vehicle inspection prior to payment - please discuss with our staff prior to purchase. Call CorpLease before buying your new car – we have access to huge discounts on most new cars. Check out our Vehicle Buying Service.

Are your interest rates competitive?

CorpLease consistently monitor the finance market, keeping itself up to date with interest rate and product changes. Final interest rate on your loan may vary as a result of term, goods being financed, loan amount and your credit rating.

What are my chances of being approved?

CorpLease considers things such as: do you own a home, how much is your current income, how long have you been employed at your current job, how long have you lived at your current address, do you have a credit rating and what is your net worth. The information we have collected from you is forwarded to the selected financier or bank and await their assessment. Due to our extensive experience in loan preparation, we have a fair idea as to whether or not your loan will be approved. This is a very time saving process.

Can I have finance approved before purchasing?

In most cases you will, providing you can give us an idea of what you're intending to purchase. Getting pre-purchase approval before you go shopping is a good idea, allowing bargaining power on the showroom floor. Pre-approval is like money in your pocket. You will not be charged a fee for approval for most cases, even if you do not proceed with the loan.

How long does it take to get approved?

Usually just a few hours, however complex or difficult applications can take a few days. Once approved original finance documents must be signed and the supplier will be paid directly usually within 1-2 days.

What does CorpLease have to offer?

Competitiive finance, hire purchase and leasing for cars, trucks, vans, boats, office equipment, machinery, tractors, equipment, caravans, motorcycles, business furniture & fittings. A variety of mortgage loans for the purchase of a home, investment property, office,factory and land.

What is a Secured Personal Loan?

Minimum loan is $5,000.00. Motor vehicles preferably no more than 8 years old. (Classic, import, prestige vehicles, and older trucks will be considered). The finance will be secured on your purchase at a fixed interest rate that will not go up over a 3 to 5 year term. CorpLease also provides a wide range of insurance products for motor vehicles, trucks and boats, and a unique 2nd chance finance service for people with bad credit or just having difficulty getting a loan.

Should I apply for Business or Personal finance?

Business finance (hire purchase, chattel mortgage or lease) is available to both company & individuals, providing the goods are to be used predominantly for business use, ie more than 50% business usage. For example, taxi drivers, mobile sales reps, couriers, etc could qualify for lease or hire purchase. A school teacher driving to & from work would not qualify. Call CorpLease or speak to your tax adviser. Business finance is usually lower interest rates, and there are many structures available to maximise your budget or tax benefits.
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